CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém


This personal project is the rebranding and the development of a
wayfinding system for the Centro Cultural de Belém, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The communication system is designed in order to bring out the building’s architecture: the design is clean and simple and the CCB’s distinctive square shape is used and repeated as a graphic element. The final result is an intuitive and easily navigable wayfinding system that add value to the building and to its environment.

This project has been featured on:
“New Signage Design: Connecting People & Spaces” edit by Sandu Publishing Co. in Oct. 2015 and in “Wayfinding Design in the Public Environment” edit by Images Publishing in Apr. 2015

logo rilievostationary2pictograms_owall2_oroom_omuro7_ointerior_opictogram_oposter-fuori_ocube_o